Being a Canadian cop isn’t all riding horseback in bright red and infiltrating syrup smuggling rings. There’s also, if you’re the Vancouver Gang Unit, spreading false panics among your city’s parents regarding the “senseless overdoses” of kids due to dabbing, as reported this week by VICE.

“Parents!!!! Please educate your children on the dangers of ‘Shatter,’” a tweet from the VGU posted last weekend read. “We cannot lose any more young people to senseless overdoses.” You might think that a unit specializing in gang crime and presumably having some cursory knowledge of the effects of common street drugs would check their facts before sending local residents into an unsubstantiated frenzy. But you’d be wrong.

Not only did the gang unit not cite any instance of “senseless overdoses” (which have never been documented by anyone ever), they sent out another all caps-friendly tweet to stir the pot. This one came with a photo of a shatter slab and said that wax “can cause temporary psychosis. Looks like toffee. This was seized in a traffic stop tonight. BEWARE.”

The ignorance displayed by these tweets suggests that the parties employing the Twitter thumb in question might not actually know what “shatter” is – like that it’s just another form of a drug that is both essentially harmless and partially legalized in Vancouver. Someone even replied to the unit’s Twitter feed, saying that, “Shatter is excellent for pain reduction and dispensary brands are clean & safe.”

Somebody at the Vancouver PD realized the boo-boo and sent out a retraction tweet Tuesday.


Thus taking away most of the credibility @VPDGangUnit might have had with its 2,354 followers. The rest of that credibility was then erased with this other douchey tweet, posted later on Tuesday.