A medical marijuana activist made headlines recently for a bold stunt he pulled during an Israeli legislature discussion of cannabis policy, as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

At a meeting of Knesset (the country’s legislative body), a man shouted, “I have cannabis medical oil that contains 30% THC. You say it’s a dangerous drug, what will happen to me if I consume it?” The man then drank the contents of a bottle of cannabis extract, and shouted, “You can’t overdose on medical cannabis oil.”

The man was extremely distraught over upcoming changes to the country’s medical marijuana law. The Post seems a little unsure of exactly what those changes will be (in fact it makes it sound like nobody quite understands them), but the news site reports that the “new medical cannabis policy will allegedly increase the cost of medical cannabis for patients as well as cancel the accepted labeling of various medical cannabis strains by name.”

This change in labeling policy could make it harder for some patients to know what cannabis products they are buying and if they are the best ones for them to use in order to treat their specific illnesses. The change could also (as understood by some) actually affect what strains are available to Israel’s medical marijuana patients.

Before the extract-drinker was removed from Knesset by ushers, he said that his child required medical marijuana treatment and that if new government regulations made it impossible to legally acquire extract, he would set up a drug lab in his home to make it himself.

Another advocate made a row during the meeting and, as she was removed, called Health Minister Yaakov Litzman “heartless.”

One mother of an MMJ patient burst into tears, saying that her epileptic son needs cannabis oil to be able to read and speak full sentences, and asked that the legislature not make the extract illegal. “Without this he won’t be able to live a normal life,” she said.

According to Dr. Yuval Landshaft, chief of the medical marijuana unit in the Ministry of Health, said that no strains will be removed from the list of the available medical cannabis and that  “we never ordered the [labeling by] strains to be halted.”

CEO of the Minister of Health Moshe Bar Siman Tov has warned against what he says are negative effects from long term marijuana use and declared that “cannabis does not heal.”

Photo via Flickr user Micahel Panse