Somebody up and robbed the “Cannabis Amnesty Box” at Midway Airport in Chicago this week.

Earlier this month, authorities installed the boxes at both Midway and O’Hare International Airports. Outgoing passengers who suddenly did not want to fly with their weed could chuck it into the box, no questions asked. All in all, a pretty chill feature for an airport to have.

The implementation of amnesty boxes coincided with cannabis legalization in Illinois, which took effect on January 1st. It also came in tandem with an announcement from TSA which said that agents would still report any weed they discovered carried by passengers, but that they were not actively targeting “marijuana or cannabis-infused products.” 

Now, in spite of all that goodwill toward stoners from the airports and TSA, somebody has gone and taken advantage.

Chicago police said they found that cannabis was missing from Midway’s Amnesty Box on Wednesday when performing a check at 8 p.m. Fox Newsreported that police said passengers should not be able to access contents placed in the box.

Surveillance footage revealed that a man, likely an incoming passenger, had reached into the box hours earlier and gotten away with the bud booty.

It’s unclear how much he got, or if there is a real victim here, if the amnesty weed is to be given to needy orphans or sent to the dump.

Photo via Flickr/Jirka Matousek