American entertainment has a long history of the “look at the funny” stoner gag. There’s Leo in That 70’s Show (haha, he’s so dumb because he smoked a lot of pot), Springfield’s best bud-breathing bus driver Otto, we’d come up with some more examples of lazy, stupid stoners if we weren’t kind of lazy and stupid from those last few dabs, but you get the idea.

Now that cannabis is a real legit business with a regular column in Forbes and several white collar investment firms devoted to cannabis investment, it’s time to leave that stereotype behind, right?… Wrong. We’re just going to make fun of stoner businessmen now.

Cannabis entrepreneurs have been getting the America’s Got Talent treatment since last year on the web series The Marijuana Show. Step on the stage and make a fool out of yourself for the chance to earn investment capital in your million dollar idea. You can check out the sizzle reel below if you like montages of poorly-miked marijuana entrepreneurs stripping, crying, and finding other novel ways to humiliate themselves on camera.

Now Forbes is reporting that the new season of The Marijuana Show will has a promise of $10 million for contestants, a 100% increase over last season. The show’s format is also getting a minor re-haul. Co-host Karen Paull told Forbes, “Because there are more advanced companies now, we are matching them with an interested investor before we start shooting the show.”

It’s “like a Shark Tank for Cannabusinesses,” Paull’s co-host Wendy Robbins added. Hopefully, since these investors have already decided to trust a little money in these business owners, that means we’ll get a little less of the wild weed-head factor. We at Dabs Mag like our stoners less Sean Penn in Fast Times and more Sean Penn in The Gunmen – not that we saw that movie but, you know, more serious is what we’re saying.