After a devastating tornado ripped through the cozy town of Delavan, Illinois last week, razing a mile long war path and damaging more than 50 homes, some residents might have thought the same thing we’d be thinking: “I need some weed.”

But little did they know that weed could do even more than making them momentarily forget they don’t have a fucking house anymore. It could actually pay for their hotel rooms for them to get high, sleep and have lengthy telephone arguments with their home insurance representatives in.

Though no one was killed and only nine homes were declared “uninhabitable” in the wake of the sharkless sharknado, it’s safe to say that residents were having a shit day. That is until Tim McGraw strode in. We’re not speaking of the hunky, chart-topping country artist Tim McGraw, but instead of his namesake  Tim McGraw, CEO of the cannabis growing, research, and consultation firm Revolution Enterprises. This doobie-dealing do-gooder offered to put the victims up at a hotel in the neighboring town of Pekin, according to the Associated Press.

Revolution is reported to have recently opened a 75,000 square foot environment controlled cannabis grow facility in Delavan, which was untouched by the EF2 status twister. Was it a move to score some points with small town folk who might not like a massive weed operation in their backyard? A PR move? Or is McGraw simply an angel who’s lost his wings? No way to say, but according to our unsubstantiated daydreams, Revolutions also sent gift baskets of nugs and shatter to the refugee’s hotel rooms where they made their own smoke tornados, so strong that their brains were temporarily “uninhabitable.”


Image via Warner Brothers/Jack N. Green A.S.C.