You’ll have heard of cannabis or marijuana but I bet you didn’t know that there were 2 distinctive strains of plant with considerable differences between the two. They look different, smell different and have different benefits for the user.

Let’s look at the characteristics of both.

The indica plant first. Cannabis indica is short but wide. This makes it suitable for being grown indoors away from prying eyes. Indica strains have incredibly relaxing effects when smoked. The high is very strong and because indica is so relaxing it is often used medically in the treatment of disorders like anxiety, and stress. It’s also very effective at relaxing muscles and reducing seizures.

Cannabis sativa is completely different in appearance, effects and medicinal benefits. Sativa strains are always grown outside, simply because they can grow to 25 feet in height! So they’d be a bit out of place in your kitchen, wouldn’t they?

Additionally the sativa high is uplifting. It gives energy, helps creativity and leads to a heightened awareness of what is happening around you. The very opposite of the indica strain.

The medical benefits of the sativa plant are that it helps fight depression, lethargy and generally makes you feel more alive .

It’s amazing, isn’t it, that 2 strains of the same plant can be so different. But the great thing is that is possible to create hybrids of the two. They can be combined into different strains to treat different illnesses.

Who says medical marijuana doesn’t work ?