As if weed weren’t neat enough, now some people are claiming it can turn you into Wolverine. A new report from the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management claims that the topical application of cannabis oil caused the wound of a Canadian man suffering from cancer to shrink, as reported by Live Science.

The man, who remains anonymous, suffered from oral cancer, which caused a hole to form in his right cheek. He first started using medical marijuana treatment last spring after being seen by Dr. Vincent Maida, an associate professor in the Division of Palliative Care at the University of Toronto. By that time, the man had been diagnosed for years, had a tumor surgically removed and received both radiation and chemotherapy treatment, but still the cancer returned.

After that, he decided to no longer receive traditional medical treatment for his illness. Initially, Maida prescribed vaporizing cannabis oil to help treat pain from the cancer. Opioid painkillers had proved ineffective and caused constipation and drowsiness, but the cannabis oil worked for the pain.

Then, a painful complication made continued vaporization impossible. The wound in the patient’s cheek expanded until it had eroded completely through. After that, Maida recommended treating the wound topically with cannabis oil four times daily (the article refers to the substance as “medical cannabis oil,” which is often how laymen refer to CBD oil, though it’s unclear what the actual cannabinoid content of the substance was).

After the use of topical treatment, the man’s pain was managed, but he noticed another effect: the wound stopped growing and actually began to decrease in size by a small amount, roughly 5 percent. Maida said that this result “really validates what has been known for thousands of years about the utility of cannabinoids in so many different areas.” “Ancient cultures used cannabis extracts on wounds,” he said.

Though the oil was useful in treating his wound, the man died from cancer only months after beginning his cannabis oil treatment.

There is limited research to corroborate the incident, except for a study pointed to by Live Science which tests the healing effects cannabinoids on some intestinal wounds.

Photo via Flickr user Andres Rodriguez