If you try to smoke pure Cannabis Ruderalis, then you will find that the experience is virtually worthless. The THC levels are so low that only beginners are going to really feel anything from the experience. Even chewing it produces very little effect. Why grow such a basically worthless plant?

Simple. To create hybrids.

Cannabis Ruderalis Has a Secret Weapon

Cannabis Ruderalis is the only strain that is known right now to have auto-flowering capabilities. You don’t have to worry about light patterns or any other nonsense with this hardy plant. You grow it and it will flower. The advantage of growing it isn’t for product production, but for breeding.

You see, Cannabis Ruderalis fits in between sativas and indicas, which means it fits in well with both strains. With the right breeding, a more productive hybrid that also auto-flowers can be created that has decent levels of THC or CBD.

There are a few Cannabis Ruderalis hybrids on the market already, like Quick Fruit and Low Diesel.

There Is a Lot of Unexplored Potential

Because Cannabis Ruderalis has been so unpopular, its potential has yet to be fully explored. Growers are only beginning to see what kinds of hybrid strains can be produced and the results have already been extraordinary.

Given enough time, Cannabis Ruderalis could change the world of marijuana production for good. Until then, grab your favorite hybrid buds, have a good time, and don’t worry about a thing.