While a drag or ten of indica has been known to knock a few stoners out, a new study shows that regular cannabis use may actually make it more difficult to put someone  to sleep with anasthetics.

Researchers at Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado conducted a small scale study, looking at the effects of cannabis use on the reaction to three common sedatives administered during surgery.

During routine procedures like colonoscopies, those who either smoke or take edibles on a daily or weekly basis needed 14% more fentanyl, 20% more midazolam and 220% more propofol in order to get to achieve the desired sedation, as reported by CNN.

The findings come from studying the medical records of 250 patients who underwent procedures in 2016 and 2017. The sample is small, so the findings should not be taken as gospel.

In addition, the study might not take into account other recreational drugs besides cannabis which could effect a patient’s reaction to sedatives.

Nonetheless, the researchers point out that the effects of sedatives on cannabis users amounts to more than just fun trivia.

As more people use cannabis, and more are willing to admit to a doctor that they use cannabis, use is something that could be taken into accont before a procedure. Asking about weed usage during an intake “can be an important tool for planning patient care and assessing both medication needs and possible risks during endoscopic procedures,” the researchers wrote.

Photo via Flickr user Heath Alseike