Synthetic marijuana is really much like natural cannabis, however when used it changes the way the brain processes information, which can cause catatonic behavior. One user had symptoms of ““lost harmony of movement, akinetic walking and a rigid position of neck, head and arms similar to the praying mantis position.”

Experts concur that the synthetic compound is hard to predict and the consequences, both long-term and short, somewhat random. It is an area of study for healthcare professionals that are understandably concerned regarding the long-term ramifications of daily abuse. This in no way makes natural cannabis any more harmful.

Synthetic Marijuana could be mixed in a natural tea or some other beverage and drank or smoked. Some users encountered fairly familiar states for a marijuana user, including euphoria and heavy relaxation, as well as sensations of anxiousness, paranoia and having hallucinations.

For a time, this substance peaked in usage acceptance, however the U.S. later banned the purchase of it. But people have discovered a way around the legislation by creating slight modifications and marking the product as “not for human usage.”

Much like natural cannabis, artificial marijuana blocks the cannabinoid receptors, yet, in artificial marijuana the attachment will be more effective and unpredictable. This in turn makes it more capable of causing strong cationic sensations.