An Israel-based clinical research company is studying whether CBD can help in treatment of COVID-19.

The clinical trial will look into the effect of CBD in conjunction with steroid therapy on the virus that has killed more than 200,000 people around the world.

It is being conducted by Stero Biotechs, which specializes in studying the use of CBD in combination with steroids in order to enhance “the therapeutic effect of steroid treatments” and reduce “the dose and side effects and the need for steroid therapy.”

“Steroid treatment is usually the first or second line of treatment for hospitalized patients. CBD enhances the therapeutic effect of steroid treatment and treats the bio-mechanism affected by the virus,” reads a press release. “The initial study will evaluate the tolerability, safety, and efficacy of the CBD treatment, for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 Infections.”

The research will begin with a small proof of concept trial involving 10 patients at the Rabin Medical Center Golda HaSharon Campus.

After a treatment cycle of a few weeks and pending the trial’s success, Stero plans to scale up to a larger trial over multiple facilities involving 40 patients who have been hospitalized with COVD-19.

“We estimate that our CBD-based treatment can enhance the current treatment of those patients who are in life-threatening conditions,” said David Bassa, Stero’s Founder and CEO.

“Hospitalized COVID-19 patients are mostly being treated with steroids and our study is planned to demonstrate the benefit of a combined solution with Steroid treatments. We are hopeful that this study will lead to faster benefit for the growing number of COVID-19 patients in Israel and around the world.”

Photo via Flickr/James Palinsad