After 20 different medications failed to treat him, a 19-year-old teenager in New Zealand has been taken off life support, and is now breathing on his own following nine days of treatment using the cannabis oil Elixinol.

Prior to the treatment, Renton had been in an induced coma for two months following a prolonged state of seizure. When Renton’s bran scans began to show signs of improvement after his treatment, the man’s family asked the hospital to gently take him off the seizure medication. “He breathes all by himself now with no help,” said his mother Rose Renton.

Earlier this month, Renton’s cased sparked a debate in the country regarding the moral and medical implications of cannabis treatment. As a result of his condition, Renton was granted a special dispensation by the government to use medical cannabis – which may lead to a precedent.

Elixinol, which was used to treat Renton, is derived from hemp with an active ingredient of cannabidiol (CBD), which is not psychoactive like tetrahydrocannibinol (THC).

Photo via TVNZ