This year’s Super Bowl had the chance to join forces with that super bowl of kush in your hand, making for an even more superer Super Bowl. But the biggest event in U.S. sports has decided to pass rather than puff.

CBS, the network which will air Super Bowl LIII next month, has said nah bruh to a medical marijuana ad from cannabis behemoth Acreage Holdings, according to Bloomberg.

Acreage, a multi-billion dollar company with operations in roughly 15 states, says that CBS put the kibosh on the ad after seeing a rough outline. CBS had not issued a public statement on the ad as of Tuesday.

According to the company, the ad wasn’t going to be a bunch of crazy potheads blasting dabs or anything that pretty much anyone could take issue with. Instead it was going to focus on MMJ patient advocacy, featuring a child suffering from epilepsy and a veteran with combat issues who had both benefited from cannabis treatment.

The goal was to “create an advocacy campaign for constituents who are being lost in the dialogue,” according to Acreage President George Allen said.

“It’s hard to compete with the amount of attention something gets when it airs during the Super Bowl,” Allen told Bloomberg.

Acreage also said it was more than willing to pay the high price for Super Bowl air time in order to make its point. Last year, a thirty second spot went for more than $5 million per.

While cannabis is becoming more and more accepted and legal, it still might not be time to go that mainstream. But maybe next year.

“We certainly thought there was a chance,” Allen said. “You strike when the chance of your strike has the probability of success — this isn’t a doomed mission.”

Photo via Flickr user Eric Drost