The next time Furiosa goes speeding away from the Citadel, she may not be heading toward the Bullet Farm or Gas Town. She might just be heading for Weed City, or at least the actress who played her in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron, might be headed for that fabled destination, according to a recent chat she had with E! News.

In an interview promoting her new film Gringo, the Academy Award winner shed some light on her past and future cannabis use. She said she doesn’t use now, but that she “was a wake-and-baker for most of my life.” This was a pastime she supremely enjoyed in her youth, but she said she grew out of it as she matured. “My chemistry was really good with it when I was younger,” she said. “I was smoking from a bong. And then it just changed one day… in my early thirties, I just became boring on it and I would just like stand in front of my fridge. It totally changed. So I stopped.”

Bummer. But that doesn’t mean some puff-puff-passing may not be in her future. The actress said she’s “open to retrying it again… because I have really bad insomnia, and I’d much rather get off sleeping pills and figure out a strain that helps me sleep better.” She’s even found a potential partner in pot for when she gets back off the weed wagon. “So, when I have a moment, I‘m actually doing it with my mom.”

The question about cannabis is mighty pertinent to her upcoming film. Gringo is a thriller about the employee (played by David Oyelowo) of a pharmaceutical corporation with a killer medical marijuana product who becomes dangerously entangled in the company’s shady dealings with Mexican cartels. It comes to U.S. theaters on March 9. You can watch the interview in the clip embedded below: