Not all strains were designed by egghead potheads in hydroponic labs. Years before weed-breeders started playing Jurassic Park with ganja-genetics, someone else was playing the Bobby Fischer chess version of that game. Only back then the game was called “playing God” and the Bobby Fischer playing it was called “God” (or Vishnu or evolution, not trying to take theological sides) and he (or she) grew some pretty heady buds.

Those buds, the ones that developed through adaptation to their environment over hundreds or thousands of years instead of through human intervention, are called landrace strains. And while they may not be as potent as “Gorilla Hot Tub Time Bomb #77,” they are more resilient in the wild, and hard to reproduce in an artificial setting.

Some will be known to people who consume Baby Boomer era stoner media, like the Cheech and Chong movies that make reference Acapulco Gold (a native landrace strain of Mexico) or Panama Red (from duh). It’s also cool to dig into a little geneology of our favorite strains (like the origins of Hindu Kush or Pure Afghan).

So, anywho, this video from the good ol’ boys and girls at Leafly is a good primer on the whole landrace scene – at the very least it provides some good background noise while you get your rig, wax, and torch set up.

Photo via Leafly