In what was weirdly not interpreted as a joke in a Newsweek article, the godfathers of cannabis culture Cheech and Chong have declared that “Pot’s over, man,” on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Their beef, their very much fake beef, is that weed can no longer be cool now that it’s legalized and even “crusty old Republicans like John Boner [misspelling Chong’s] are into it.”

Cheech says they’ll now be leaving behind stoner comedy for “edgier material” covering things that are still illegal such as pirating football games, “importing exotic reptiles,” and unpasteurised dairy products.

It’s not too hard to see that this is all just for laughs. Both Chong and Cheech are known cannabis legalization advocates. Cheech even lent his celebrity last year to get the word out about a government cannabis bureaucratic online tracking program.

But that doesn’t mean that the cannabis comedy duo can’t still surprise their fans. The two are currently on a publicity tour to promote the fortieth anniversary home video re-issue of their classic film Up in Smoke. That same tour brought them to Colbert’s couch and also to the pages of Rolling Stone, where in an interview the comedians revealed that they didn’t actually get stoned while making one of the greatest stoner films of all time.“We maybe smoked after shooting,” Marin said, “but not when we’re working. We had to sustain a level of energy, especially making movies. We had long days on set. If we got stoned, we wouldn’t get it done.”

So Cheech and Chong weren’t really stoned? That means two things. One, everything we’ve ever been taught to understand about the world is wrong and, two) Cheech and Chong must have been better actors than we thought.

You can see the full clip from Colbert’ show below: