Cheech has come a long way since the days when he and his buddy Chong had to outrun narco cops like Sgt. Stedanko. Now Mr. Marin is working for the government, but he hasn’t turned snitch. The comedian-actor-writer-activist is helping out California Secretary of State Alex Padilla sign up legal cannabis businesses through his office and their neat website.

In a public service announcement for Padilla’s office, Cheech tells the cannabis world about the exciting new bureaucracy and red tape that awaits it now that California is going to legalize recreational weed in just over two weeks.

Cheech’s new PSA is not only meant to inform cannabis businesses of how easy it is to register with the Secretary of State’s office, but also to strongly discourage them from actually coming to that office and instead offer them an electronic option in the website (SOS means Secretary of State, not a call of distress, in case anyone was wondering.)

Cannabis businesses are required to register with the SOS office, so it’s probably a good idea to get on there sooner rather than later if you want to be making or selling that legal weed.

The video shows Cheech looking decidedly white collar in a cubicle, though savvy viewers may notice that the clock in this cubicle is set to 4:20. Cheech informs a prospective cannabusiness owner how to use the website, and also shows a menacing stack of paperwork to tell her she should have stayed home instead of coming to a DMV-looking government office. At the end of the video, Padilla swoops in and tells Cheech to “keep up the great work.”

Apparently this whole button-up Cheech in a government office idea came up when Padilla and Marin met at a Los Angeles restaurant recently. According to The Cannabist, Marin told the Secretary of State that he would be happy to help.

“It knocks off a few hours of the community service I have to do,” he said. The PSA work must have come from the goodness of the man’s heart because in doing so he is actually encouraging his own competition. The prolific renaissance man has his own line of bud called Cheech’s Private Stash, which is available now in dispensaries throughout Southern California.