Anyone who’s been in the cannabis for years has seen the dawning of a new era: the era of regulation. In many states, the move from dime bags in a sketchy apartment so semi-legit grams from a dispensary to a tax-paying, stock-trading market seems to have happened over night.

One of the many changes that brings is in packaging. Sandwich bags gave way to crush-proof plastic containers, which now have given way to complex packaging compliant with government consumer safety regulations.

One concern lawmakers and their constituents will almost always have when a state makes cannabis legal (either medically or recreationally) is over child-proof packaging. It’s no small feat to keep your cannabis packaging compliant with child proof laws, especially if you market your product in more than one state. Requirements vary state to state, and often change year to year even within a state.

One practical and cost-effective solution to child-proof cannabis packaging is what are blister packs. This is when a product is packaged in a plastic cavity with a backing (usually cardboard, paper, or foil) behind it. This is especially useful in cannabis packaging such as edibles, capsules, and vape cartridges.

See below as we try to open this package of a Vadex .5 gram cartridge that the packaging, which is held together by adhesive. It’s hard enough for a child to open that they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on what’s inside, but easy enough for an adult to open that they won’t have to wait before loading this cartridge into their pen.