They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Rapper Childish Gambino, AKA Donald Glover, has made a name for himself over recent years; originally a founding member of NY comedy troupe “Derrick Comedy,” Glover found national fame when he was cast as Troy Barnes on cult-hit “Community” (formerly of NBC). And amidst all the comedy specials, improv groups and hit TV shows, somewhere along the line Glover also found time to become a rapper. A wildly successful one at that.

However, a recent interview with The Today Show revealed that the “Bro-Rape” star feels the time has come to move on from that persona. Stating that Childish Gambino seems to mark a set time in his life, Glover thinks it’s the right time to begin a new chapter. But this doesn’t mean he plans to end his work in the music business. Future projects abound, for not only singing and rapping, but producing with other artists as well.

Currently starring in horror film The Lazarus Effect, he also says big things are on the horizon in terms of comedy and acting. Fans will be glad to hear that he’s set to star in Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to breakout sexboy naked Channing Tatums dance flick Magic Mike. It should be interesting to see the 5’5’’ Tommy Davidson-esque frame of Donald Glover gyrating on stage with beefy meatstacks of the Tatums and McConaughey ilk.

You can read the full Donald Glover interview here.

And for a look at some of his early work, check out Derrick Comedy.