Presidential GOP Candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has announced that he will reverse the Obama Administration’s leniency toward state-regulated medical and recreational marijuana if elected President in 2016.

“… marijuana is against the law in the United States and it should be enforced in all 50 states,” Christie said on “Fox and Friends.” “You take an oath of office. I take one as governor; I will take one as president that says that you’ll enforce the laws — not just enforce the laws you like.”

It’s important to note that Christie is not actually advocating a permanent ban on marijuana, just the enforcement of existing laws that our current administration has chosen to ignore. “If you want to change the marijuana laws, go ahead and change the national marijuana laws,” he said. “If a large percentage of the people in this country want to legalize marijuana, then I assume that what will happen is Congress will go ahead and legalize it, but you cannot have it both ways.”

Now, a large percentage of the people in this country (most) do want to legalize marijuana, and Congress is trying to legalize it, but changing the scheduling of a federally controlled substance is a lengthy process.

Since states have found a way to medicate their population and keep up with current values while waiting for our inflexible federal laws to slowly bend, it seems an odd use of our limited resources to undo a multi-billion dollar industry that provides jobs and treats serious illnesses.

But to Christie, all marijuana in this country is about is getting stoned. “If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it until January 2017,” he said, “because I will enforce the federal laws against marijuana as President of the United States.”


Image via Wikimedia