MLB pitcher Chris Perez is being charged after a combo unit of police and US Postal Service investigators searched his home last month, discovering two packages shipped through the USPS containing over nine ounces of marijuana in total.

Perez allegedly sent the packages from California to his home in Rokcy River, Ohio. To throw off the scent, the Indian is said to have addressed to these packages to one Brody Baum. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Brody is Perez’s dog’s name while Baum is his wife Melanie’s maiden name.

Despite the clever ruse of using a dog smokescreen for his alleged drug trafficking, Perez clearly didn’t count on the police having dogs of their own – drug sniffing dogs who discovered the packages at the ball player’s local post office, which lead to a search warrant and an undercover officer being sent to Perez’s home in the guise of a mailman.

Caught in the middle of this deadly game of dog cops and dog criminals is Perez. An attorney for the Perezes claims the couple are facing only “low level misdemeanor possession charges,” which would indicate a small amount of marijuana possession, not the more than nine ounces of marijuana shipped across state lines that could potentially earn someone multiple felonies and prison time.

Clearly, either Perez has a good lawyer, the police really want to see him back in the field before playoffs, or there are depths of corruption among Cleveland-area dogs beyond what we can (or would like to) fathom.


Photo via PetCo