It’s a problem anyone can relate to: first you get your private jet stopped by police at the small island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, then your 5,000 marijuana plants are seized, and then you have to pay a cash bail of $30,000 before you presumably go home to one of twenty mansions you own.

This was the terrible no good very bad day which, Alkiviades “Alki” David recently endured. In addition to being an heir to the Coca-Cola fortune and the guy whose company made the Tupac hologram, David is also in the cannabis business.

David was likely transporting the plants to his Swiss cannabis company SwissX, which specializes in virtually every kind of CBD product, from CBD pre-rolls to zero THC crumble, to CBD oil for pets.

According to the Vancouver Sun, “David claims the plants are ‘pure hemp,’ which is legal and contains negligible quantities of intoxicating compound THC. But officials disagree.”

This is the second time that David has made headlines in only the last several weeks. The billionaire was ordered to pay $11 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit in April.

Though David might be the black sheep of the family, it’s worth noting that he shares at least one strong interest with his relatives. Coca-Cola has reportedly been making plans to create its own CBD-infused beverage.

Photo via Flickr user Mike Mozart