Colorado Springs Art Center has been looking for a sponsor to help support their parody of the cult classic “Reefer Madness”.  The group went straight to the marijuana industry when looking for their sponsor, contacting the Strawberry Fields dispensary. Fields agreed to sponsor the group with $2,000, permitted they placed the company’s name and logo on printed material used in the show.

Stephanie Wolf of Colorado Public Radio says more and more art groups are turning to marijuana industries when looking for sponsorship. The arts and marijuana communities have been coming together since legalization took effect. The Colorado Symphony held a series of marijuana friendly shows last year.

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, people are becoming accustomed to its presence, and companies in the industry are being contacted for sponsorships and other support options.

Not everyone is pleased with this movement however. Kirsten Barnard is a Denver arts patron who sent the symphony an angry email that slated them for their marijuana support. She complained that the sponsorship normalizes Mary Jane for a young audience and the crowd in attendance is already on a natural high. But maybe if she thinks that way she shouldn’t live in Colorado. Maybe c would suit her better.