The lord of cannabis moves in mysterious ways. When a door closes, a window opens. It giveth and it taketh away. Yay, though Colorado tightens its cannabis permissiveness, Alaska loosens up. Such is the ebb and flow, the yin and yang of weed law doctrine in these United States.

First the bad news. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill Friday forbidiing edible manufacturers from making gummy bears and similar cannabis-infused items that might be attractive to kids. The strange thing about the law is that it may be the first law to speak to the actual shape of cannabis products.

It’s not the dosage of THC in gummy bears that lawmakers take issue with. It’s not the manufacturing process or the flavor or the gummy part that offends either. It’s the bear part that’s pissing Coloradans off.

No more bears. In fact no more edibles that look like anything else. Edible candies can no longer resemble animals or fruits or people, only bland shapes that don’t particularly look like anything other than what they are. Squares should be cool, triangles and circles too we suppose. But what if a circular gummy looks too much like an orange or a blueberry or a grapefruit or a grape or a cherry? That’s one for the higher courts to decide.

While Colorado scrutinizes its shapes, Alaska is shaping up to be a pretty friendly place for marijuana business people. The Associated Press reports that Alaska lawmakers approved its first licenses for legal cannabis testing and growing facilities Thursday.

Though marijuana has been legal in our northernmost state for over a year, regulators are only now approving licenses to practice the pot business legally. Thirty applications were reviewed Thursday by the Marijuana Control Board in Anchorage, 28 for cultivators and two for testing facilities. The first wave of retail licenses are to be awarded later in the year.

The first business issued a license was CannTest LLC of Anchorage. Licensed operations still need to pass background checks and receive local permission in some cases.

So, while gummy bears in Colorado are going the way of the dodo, real life bears in Alaska will have slightly more access to legal cannabis, provided they can rampage and maul their way into these licensed facilities. It’s the circle of life.