Colorado is making a movement that will standardise marijuana testing in labs. If the bill is approved by the state legislature on Thursday then this would create lab standards across the state in over 18 marijuana testing laboratories. As of this moment, the labs are certified by authorities but don’t actually have uniformed rules that test the pot for potency and other contaminants.

Lab owners have stated that they need these standards because different labs tend to produce different results. The tests that are currently in place just look for whether or not the drug is present, and they don’t take a look at how strong it actually is. Many people believe that they need to make up the rules as they go along, because for many states, this is a completely new concept.

The laboratories in the state can only be accessed by licensed producers. The bill was changed to remove the access for individuals and hemp growers, because this is now covered in a different bill that is currently pending. Approval on Thursday would allow growers to use the labs as well.

Colorado has given farmers the go ahead to grow hemp, which is a non toxic version of marijuana. This can only be done if the plant’s THC is below a certain level. The problem with this however, is that the farmers don’t have a lab to take their plants to.

The new testing bill will allow everyone to test their pot to see where it falls on the scale. Many people are now aware of the necessity for progress still to be made in the industry, and at this rate, see hope on the horizon.