A bill that is warning pregnant women about the dangers of marijuana has had some legislators questioning whether or not it would be constitutional. The mandate was passed in 2012 and it would regulate marijuana like alcohol. The House Bill 1298 was passed after a rigorous debate. Representatives will vote within the next couple of days to determine whether or not the bill will advance to the State Senate.

If passed, the legislation in question would mandate pot shops to display a sign warning pregnant women about the possible dangers involved with marijuana use and exposure. The sign would need to be placed in a clearly visible location and the health department would determine what language the sign should be in. If the bill goes through, it would also stop companies from marketing their products to women who are pregnant.

House Republican leader Brian DelGrosso says, “We are doing basically the same thing we do with alcohol. It’s just not on the product. It just happens to be on the wall.”

Comparing the warning to one on a bottle of vodka or a pack of cigarette brings up a question: When was the last time you looked at the warning label on alcohol or tobacco? Does it tell us anything we don’t already know? Does it even matter that it’s there at all? Could all this legislation and hot air just be a big waste of time?

Democratic Rep. Steve Lebsock house disagrees with the legislation’s principles. “This bill violates the spirit of Amendment 64, and that’s in our constitution… We shouldn’t be doing that. We’re going to be treating this industry differently.”