Despite many people saying that Colorado’s new marijuana laws would lead to a huge surge in stoned drivers, it seems as though it is the drinkers who are now wreaking havoc on the roads. At the weekend, law enforcement agencies have teamed up to create DUI checkpoints in Colorado which helps to detect people who are stoned and drunk behind the wheel. Although many people thought that there would be plenty of stoned drivers behind the wheel, results showed that alcohol remains to be the main problem with public safety.

The Colorado transportation team have also released a motto in an attempt to crack down on high drivers. “Drive High, Get A DUI”. They also set up a three and a half hour sobriety checkpoint on Saturday morning, where officers shook down a total of 1572 vehicles in total. It is interesting to know however that even though the police did everything in their power to take down every minor offense, they actually only made 22 arrests. Surprisingly, 21 of these 22 arrests were for alcohol, and the single other arrest was for the possession of marijuana by a minor. Not a single arrest was made for stoned driving that day.

It is important to remember that this report won’t be accurate across the entire state, but it does provide us with fascinating evidence of how the local government is incredibly disconnected when it comes to protecting the local community.

Earlier this year, the Colorado department for transportation announced that they had a budget for around $500,000 for the DUI advert campaign, while only $325,000 goes on advertising which tries to deter drink driving.  Maybe it is time that the DUI and local transportation department start considering the real dangers out there as opposed to nonexistent threats.