An unlicensed manufacturer who uses butane to extract concentrate could be charged with a felony under a Colorado law that has been proposed by Republican State Representative Mike Foote, reports Firehouse, a news site devoted entirely to fires. The bill is in response to a number of explosions from extraction in recent years. This new bill would make it illegal for anyone who isn’t properly licensed to manufacture pot concentrate by using chemicals in a liquid form, much like a similar law in California designed to go after meth cooks. It would also stop people from using products that have a flash point lower than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This would only apply to those who are unlicensed and using explosive items to create hash oil. Aclass 2 felony charge is being proposed and can be filed against anyone who operates, owns or manages the use of the hazardous substances to create the concentrate.

Anyone convicted under the new law would face up to 8 years in prison and/or a $750,000 fine.

Those who have caused fires as a result of blasting could can currently be charged with arson, but this measure will fine them with additional drug charges on top of that. Currently, the fee for applying for a manufacturing license in the state is $5,000.