Colorado state representative and major political marijuana advocate Jonathan Singer recently have an interview to The Cannabist in which he described the coming ubiquity of cannabis clubs in the state. Singer has been a major voice for the marijuana industry and he has also carried out and provided testimony for some of the most important marijuana bill in the state. In the past he has also been a board member for the CSU Drug & Alcohol Task Force.

Regarding the development of the marijuana culture and business in the future, Singer said, “Just like you see beer breaking off into craft brew and macro-brew, I think you will see the same with marijuana. You will see more artisanal approaches that are creative, and then you will see the Bud and Coors of marijuana start to pop up as well. Eventually, we will see cannabis clubs similar to bars. Most importantly, if all of this is done safely and efficiently, you will see many of the marijuana bans in different cities start to lift. Once people realize that the sky hasn’t fallen and we are getting new tax revenue for critical services, then one of the biggest black market drivers (local prohibition) will fade away.”

Colorado is an interesting place for the rest of the country to examine right now, in terms of what they can expect from marijuana as it becomes more regulated and normalized. That could mean, as in Colorado, a greater diversity in products, and fewer and fewer city and municipal bans.

The interview also covers the status of cannabis credit unions, which are starting to develop in the state, and the progress of the edible packaging law. Check out the whole fascinating interview at The Cannabist here.