Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has just become a new best friend to stoners inside his state and out. On Wednesday, Polis signed two new bills into law. One of these will legalize public consumption statewide, making Colorado the first state to pass such an initiative. The other will allow for delivery of medical and recreational cannabis alike, as reported by the Denver Post.

Interestingly, House Bill 1230 actually creates two kinds of licenses for public cannabis consumption. The more permissive are called “tasting rooms,” where an establishment will be allowed to sell cannabis and cannabis products to the people doing all that tasting.

The other one is called a “hospitality establishment,” which won’t be permitted to sell cannabis at all, only let mofos toke to their heart’s delight. Both license types will be issued beginning in January of next year.

The bill concerning home weed delivery is also effectively split into two different provisions. In January, it will allow for delivery to medical marijuana patients 18 and up. One full year later, at the beginning of 2021, plain old people who like recreational cannabis will also be able to have their goodies delivered to them legally.

There will be certain restrictions on where cannabis can and can’t be delivered. For instance, college campuses and dormitories will be strictly out of bounds.

For both cannabis deliveries and consumption lounges, local municipalities and counties will have the ability to shoot down all part of the bill. Famously 420-friendly cities like Denver are probably in the clear. However, in other areas, like the more conservative Colorado Springs, stoners might want to put down the rig for a moment and call their local city councilperson.

Photo via Flickr user Tom Hilton