News broke on Friday that there has been a fourth lawsuit filed against Colorado regarding its marijuana policies. The new lawsuit has been filed by six sheriffs and some others from Kansas and Nebraska. Chad Day of Yuma County has stated that as a sheriff of Colorado, he believes that he has been put in a compromising position because if he supports the marijuana legalisation law, he is in violation of federal law and if he supports the federal law, he is in direct violation of Colorado’s Amendment 64. He has stated that he and his colleagues need to decide where the police force stands on this matter, and that a clear distinction needs to be made as to whether it is legal or not.

Sheriffs are torn. Although some are filing lawsuits against the legalization, others are in full support, so it seems as though there is some chaos regarding the subject. Some parties disagree with the amendment and have concerns regarding the medical side of marijuana from caregivers.

Bill Masters, the Sheriff in Telluride, just doesn’t understand why people are filing lawsuits, and that he believes that Colorado has no obligation to enforce federal laws over its own. After all, they don’t enforce immigration or forest service regulations, so why should marijuana be any different? He believes that they should follow the law of the state as is normal practice, and that people need to accept the new law in their daily duties as opposed to supporting the federal law instead.