Denver has ordered commercial pot growers to quarantine their marijuana plants because they could be in breach of pesticide violations. This will affect six pot growers and it is the first time that Colorado has taken the plants out of the market due to health concerns.

The  order came when Denver inspectors found that there were improper fungicide applications being used. A lot of the pesticides weren’t being used according to the label and aren’t actually supposed to be used on crops that are to be consumed by humans. This discovery has Denver asking for reports on all of the pot facilities in the area. They need to report on what pesticides they are using so the city can see who is at risk and who isn’t.

Some of the complaints however actually came from grow facility workers. The city is refusing to name the six locations that are under fire and it is important to remember that these plants only represent a very small percentage of the crop. There have been no reports of sick customers as of yet.

Until the quarantine is over, the pot can’t be sold and the owners need to wait until they have confirmation from health authorities to get their product back on the market. It is entirely possible for them to destroy the plants, but seeing as it could take over a week to get the results it could be some time before we find out what has really happened.

Colorado has had the best practices in terms of guidance for pot pesticides, but the state hasn’t concluded yet whether they are planning on implementing any rules regarding pesticide usage in the industry.