This year the extracts market in California is going to test its limits. After a two weekend SoCal Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino last February, a U.S. Cannabis Cup in the same venue only two months later, the NorCal Cannabis Cup in June, and the three day hash and art festival supreme Chalice California happening later this week (again, in San Bernardino), are dab-fans just going to be too dabbed out to hit High Time’s first ever Medical Concentrates Cannabis Cup on July 22-24 (yet again at the San Bernardino N.O.S. Center)? We’ll find out, but they’ll probably be cool with it.

The two day affair is set to feature 13 different extract categories: Single Strain Indica, Single Strain Sativa, Single Strain Hybrid, Pure Extracts (extracts containing no non-cannabis flavor additives), Compound Concentrates (with said additives), CO2 Extractions, Vape Pen Cartridges Indica, Vape Pen Cartridges Sativa, Vape Pen Cartridges Hybrid, CBD Concentrates, Non-Solvents: Water Hash & Kief, Non-Solvents: Rosin Technology, and Medically Infused Products (“moon rocks, caviars, stand-alone terpenes, non-cannabis products infused with cannabinoids and/or terpenes,” according to the competition regulations).

That’s a big step up from the last SoCal Cup, which had only five categories: sativa, indica, hybrid, CBD, and non-solvent.

“Having a summer Hash & Concentrates Cup is a way to showcase new products, shake things up a little and collect useful research data on how trends and technology are changing the industry and the ways people use cannabis,” said High Times Chief Cannabis Officer and Competition Director Nico Escondido in a recent article.

“It might prove to be a slippery slope, opening up some of these categories to non-cannabis derived materials, but there is a market out there for them, making these competitions very relevant,” he elaborated. “It is our hope that some of these new, experimental categories will help us educate, regulate and lead the industry in a positive manner.”

A new bylaw at this year’s competitions will prevent competitors from winning first place in more than one category to prevent any sweeps and “ensures a level playing field for everyone involved.”

Tickets range from $55-$185 are on sale now.