Need more proof of how out-of-touch the Congress is with the American people?  Well, they just nixed another attempt at allowing our veterans the ability to get the help and treatment they need, with the amendment to the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill.

Earlier in the week, the House gathered together on Capitol Hill to discuss the amendment which would allow doctors to work in partnership with the VA to prescribe medical marijuana to veterans. The measure failed in a vote of 213-210.  And the sad part of it all is: this amendment would have not given the VA doctors to write medical marijuana prescriptions!  Apparently free speech doesn’t apply to professionals who are more qualified to speak on medical matters and have conversations about things that the old sage protectors of congress deem to be blasphemous.

Veterans are barred, no matter what their state has for marijuana laws. That means that even if they live in a state like California where medical marijuana prescription is wide-spread, even if they live in Colorado where weed is downright legal, no VA doctor is permitted to suggest cannabis as a possible course of treatment.

30 percent of troops returning from the Middle East suffer from PTSD and depression, both proven to be affected by medical marijuana treatment, which can be drastically improved.  A three vote defeat means that marijuana advocates will fight even harder now, maybe they can catapult this issue past the conversation-stage and force the federal law to match state laws.