In what has been dubbed the “marijuana vote-a-rama,” this past Wednesday officials voted on a bevy of weed-related provisions and measures in the house, consisting of laws that would restrict and change the Department of Justice’s handling of marijuana, state vs. federal power, and recreational usage at a state level

Though most of the provisions did not wind up passing, the one turn out that has the weedies cumming–er– brimming, is the near miss on the major provision that would totally shift the DoJ’s interference with states and recreational marijuana, which would in essence end the federal government’s restriction on marijuana. The pass fell only a few votes short.

The provisions were all a part of a funding bill passed Wednesday for the Justice Department, and though many didn’t pass, the ones that did stipulate that the DoJ cannot use the new funding money for any kind of interference with certain state marijuana laws and practices, medically/research-based and production-wise.

Every year the Justice Department funding bill has to be voted on, and so too will these marijuana provisions. And for the advocates going from six to midnight, the signs continue to go in their favor with each swelling year.

Hemp was also protected in a provision that passed, meaning the boys on the other side of the pro-pot fence have something to cheer about as well. The hemp provisions are similar, stating the DoJ cannot interfere with hemp production and distribution at a state level.

With 206 votes going for the total restriction of Justice Department involvement with state weed law, things are looking green.

Our laws are changing. Heads are turning. Hell, even politicians are voting! This time last year that wouldn’t have really been the case. Not in terms of weed, just in general. Senate lockout anyone?

Even so, might be soon we have a truly recreational, weed-friendly nation, with an additional boom to the general economy, and a sunnier disposition about the eventual non-meaning to life and existence.

A Mag can dream…