There’s only one thing worse than facing the death penalty for passing a joint. Actually, there are two things. One, obviously, would be actual execution. The other would be facing the death penalty for passing a joint when you got framed.

Such was the case with Matthew Fellows, a 23 year-old U.S. citizen who returned Monday from China. Fellows spent eight months in prison based on a false accusation. Someone tipped off Chinese authorities that Fellows had committed an apparently insanely serious crime: he “shared” marijuana. Not dealt, “shared.” Specifically, Fellows allegedly lit a joint and passed it around the room.

For this, Fellows was arrested and faced four counts of drug trafficking. More than two counts is grounds for the death penalty in China.

The American spent his prison internment “confined in an 18x11ft cell with 15 other men, forced to sleep on the floor with just a blanket and his only meal was a bowl of rice and watery porridge,” according to The Daily Mail.

Here’s how Fellows ended up in this situation: he travelled to China to teach English to schoolchildren, then became a student himself at a local university. There he started dating a Russian model named Victoria. A jealous romantic rival for Victoria’s affections wanted Fellows out of the picture so he told authorities that Fellows was passing around some doobage.

Fellows’ parents apparently think that envy was a big problem for the guy. The Mail reports that his mom and dad “say that as a tall, handsome Westerner, some in his college group may have harbored jealousy and resentment towards him,” which is cute because it means his mom called him handsome.

The Mail also notes that Fellows was “nicknamed Thor due to his long blond hair and 6ft 2in athletic frame.” So Thor spent eight months sleeping on the floor of a Chinese prison because someone was jealous of his Russian girlfriend. He should get a magic hammer for that.

Not surprisingly, after this ordeal Fellows is glad to be back, though still getting used to life on the outside. During his trip home, he posted on his Facebook page, writing, “I haven’t worn shoes in 8 months let alone walking for more than three minutes. My feet hurt and so do all the muscles associated foot movement in my lower legs. I’ll get the hang of strolling around on my feet after a few days.” Could someone pass this dude a joint?

Photo via Facebook