There is such a variety of weed strains that it’s almost impossible to keep straight what you have and haven’t smoked, unless you keep up an effort. But, some of the best strains can be characterized purely in their name. The names of weed get increasingly more creative every year; here are some of the best of them that still manage to tell you exactly what you can expect.

Like “Flo” from the Progressive commercials, this strain is pretty loyal to all of its customers. It gives you the same light and joyful high every time. It’s probably not something you would try if you want to blow your mind away with flavor or literally just blow your mind away from the best high of your life, but it’s consistent and its dependable. But if you invest in Flo, it needs to be good quality. Or else, you can risk relieving yourself of any of the hints of pine in the strain and ending up with a guttural smell that could alert any vengeful neighbors.

The chocolate is exactly what it sounds like: a monster load of sweet chocolatey taste that makes your senses tingle in satisfaction. Literally. This Sativa strain, previously named D-line, has won multiple awards in the past, including “Strain of the Year” since it first picked up popularity in 2007. It’s a high with less haze and more euphoria.

Purple Haze #1
Composed mostly of the Thai variety, its gained quite a bit of traction with buyers despite it being around for some time. The name though, could be misleading: the high is actually very clear and inspiring. It’s definitely something you wouldn’t take if you just want to lay back on the couch post-work, and the color is characteristically very dark purple giving it its name. The best use for this strain would probably be outdoors, the strain smells quite like dew, but the smoke stays true to its origin: it’s as close to authentic quality Thai strains. It won’t give you euphoria, but its definitely stimulating and will give you at least some energy. It’s even linked with stress and anxiety-relief!

This strain is two-thirds Sativaand one-third Indica that stays true to its name. It’s characterized by an explosive and lasting high that settles into a good buzz and a very strong skunk-like odor and spice. It is extremely popular for its elongated highs that in some cases, may almost be euphoric. It’s no surprise then, that it’s been linked with preventing pain and depression symptoms!

Agent Orange
It’s on a mission. As a sativa-heavy strain its considered some of the best strains for rookies to experience the difference in genetic hybrids. It has a strong smell of citrus and tangerine with a slight true-to-its-origins undertone of spice and hushed skunk tones. The high is not super engaging, you won’t be able to use too much brain power, but you will feel like a feather that won’t make you collapse on a pillow. So, it’s definitely well worth a smoke during the day.