An unlikely thing just happened in a Washington Goodwill. Employees at the location were sorting through the day’s loot when they discovered, inside a donated a cooler, roughly four pounds of nugs.

An even more unlikely thing happened just after. Instead of exploiting these riches for money or pleasure, the Goodwill employees decided to donate the weed themselves to some folks who surely weren’t about to make the most of their gift.

Last week, the Twitter account for the Monroe, Washington Police Department posted a photo of the cooler containing four pounds of pellet-perfect dank nuggets and an officer smiling over it them like he just opened his Christmas present.

“This cooler was donated over the weekend to the Goodwill. Employees surprised when they opened the lid. Police were called…,” read the post from Monroe PD.

A tip from the Dabs Mag staff: police social media feeds are often super entertaining. Not so in the case of @MonroePolice, which is mostly made up of links to its blotter. Exceptions in the last week are limited to one photo of a vehicle fire, the previously quoted post, and a retweet which thickens the plot of the donated nug cooler somewhat.

The tweet from local crime reporter Nikki King read: “Police: 3.75 pounds of pot found at the Monroe Goodwill are likely tied to a string of home invasion robberies and dispensary burglaries.”

Turns out those people wanted in connection with giving away large amounts of marijuana are now also wanted in connection with taking large amounts of marijuana. According to King’s reporting in the Herald Net, the great Goodwill ganja giveaway came only two days before a search warrant was served by the Snohomish County property crimes unit in relation to a string of home-invasion robberies and cannabis dispensary burglaries and holdups.

Ten pounds of cannabis were seized during the search, along with firearms, and the bags this cannabis were discovered in bore markings similar to the bags discovered at the nearby Goodwill. Someone curious enough to compare photos from the two police findings might also discover that the buds themselves bear some resemblance.

Two people have already been arrested in connection with the crime spree and local authorities say more arrests are expected to follow.

So, how exactly did this property which might have been stolen during felony robberies end up donated to a local Goodwill? No one knows as of yet, but they would like to. ”You always want to know the rest of the story,” said Monroe Police Department administrator Debbie Willis.