America’s finest. The boys in blue. Some of them are cool, but this week has seen two different news stories of law enforcement committing attacking the world of weed.

In Phoenix, Arizona, one dude has just settled a lawsuit against the local po-po for allegedly making eat his own stash. Last September, Edgar Castro was caught with a small amount of cannabis after being pulled over for speeding.

The cops, who maybe saw Super Troopers but didn’t remember it quite right, made Castro ingest the marijuana, after which he claims he became sick and vomited. There was some significant fallout from the incident.

The three police officers involved resigned from the department. Castro went after the city for $3.5 million, seeking punitive and compensatory damages for civil-right violation and emotional distress, but settled for $100,000, as reported by The Associated Press.

Meanwhile, some less extreme but much more widespread actions by the Denver Police Department have resulted in the closing of 26 legal cannabis businesses and the arrest of 13 people, as reported by Leafly.

After a yearlong investigation, Denver’s own local po-po went after the employees of Sweat Leaf for “looping,” the practice of selling larger amounts of cannabis than is allowed by state law.

The other businesses affected by the raids include shops, as well as cultivation and processing sites. This is the first time an open-ended suspension has been applied to a legal cannabis business in the area since weed first went legal in 2014.

Somewhat surprisingly, none of the owners of the Sweet Leaf retail chain were arrested in the raids. Instead, “most of the employees taken into custody were budtenders or lower-level employees,” according to Westword.

Photo via Flickr user Dave Conner