You ever want to smoke a bunch of weed laced with ecstasy and crystal meth? Maybe? You ever want to smoke several metric tons of weed laced with thousands of ecstasy pills and almost two kilograms of crystal meth? Yeah, me neither.

But some residents who live near a Jakarta police station got to live that fantasy – without asking for it and against their will – when local authorities burned an immense amount of confiscated drugs last month.

The burning was said to the biggest of its kind ever in West Jakarta, and the drugs destroyed reported at a worth of USD 16.9 billion. Crazily, 13 suspects alleged to be involved with the seized drugs were brought to the site to watch their goods burn, two of whom were made to participate in burning the stash.

Journalists present at the burning, as well as nearby loacls, said they got dizzy and suffered headaches after inhaling fumes from the fire. The police, however, were wearing masks. So, at least they’re not dumb. They’re just horribly negligent.