We all know the song Cotton Eye Joe. It gets in your brain and never leaves. But who knew the song was actually about a real infectious disease?

The lyrics seem to back this up pretty well, when you consider the fact that one of them explains that if it wasn’t for cotton eye Joe, he would have been married a long time ago. Lyrics then go on to say where did you come from- which is pretty obvious, and then where did you go. If you didn’t think that was real enough, wait until you hear the second part.

The second part then explains that cotton eye brought disaster wherever he went, and that all the women ran away from him so nobody would know about his sexually transmitted disease.

Just take a minute to think about what the lyrics actually mean, and your childhood will be instantly ruined. The next part of the song then explains that all he had to come was for having some fun.

It doesn’t matter whether you sang it every single day as a child or whether you just know about it and sang it occasionally when on a night out, now you know the true meaning of this song, you know that your life will never be the same.

Watch the music video and form your own opinion, but when you piece the lyrics together, it forms a pretty obvious conclusion and it has already changed the lives of thousands across the planet.