Everyone’s worried about AI and the singularity and robots putting everybody out of jobs and the Rise of the Machines and Skynet and all that jazz, but do you know when the robots really gain control? It’s when AI starts choosing how and when you get high. Once that happens, they control your mind, and then it’s game over, man.

So, let’s all hope that’s not what happens with the new Puffco Peak, a product which has branded itself as the “first-ever smart rig for concentrate consumers.” How smart is this smart rig? Smarter than your dabbed-out ass after your fifth round with a rig, but that’s not saying much.

The rig goes to four different heat settings. These are designed to give you flexibility over the kind of dab you like to take, and also what kind of concentrate you’re working with. The Peak also comes with a “sesh-mode.” Automatic temperature calibration adjusts the temp if you’re passing the rig around. That way the nail doesn’t get too hot or too cold, but stays just right to provide “provides a more consistent experience during repeated use and sesh-mode.”

It takes 20 seconds to heat up, and two hours to fully charge its batteries, which should last you about 30 dabs.

But the weirdest technological innovation of the Peak is probably its “haptic feedback.” Haptic feedback is essentially rumble pack technology. It’s the thing that simulates pushback or friction on a game controller. It’s what makes you feel the ground under you when you land your Mario Kart after a sick jump.

It’s also apparently the thing in the Puffco Peak that “keeps your timing spot on so you’re getting the perfect hit.” Which means it vibrates. And it gets you high. What else could you want? The Puffco Peak went on sale Monday.

Image via Puffco