Although there were many factors to the acceptance of gay marriage, the ridiculous anti-gay protests by groups by the Westborough Baptist church definitely helped things. Now that the same group is picketing medical marijuana dispensaries, things are looking good for stoners everywhere.

The church was founded by Fred Phelps, head of the family that made up the majority of the church, and has been picketing the soldiers of funerals, gay weddings or anything else they don’t agree with since the early 1990s. Hated by most of society, it is the natural inclination of many people to automatically take a stance on any issue that contradicts the one the church takes.

Those who are pro-marijuana-legalization happily greeted the church, dressed in costumes, holding signs that parodied the ones held by the church. While the church showed off signs reading ‘420 sin’ or ‘America is doomed’, weed-supporters happily brandished signs saying ‘go green’ or ‘cannabis survivor’.

While there is still a long way to go towards weed legalization throughout America, the Westborough Baptist Church may well have unintentionally helped the movement along.