Medical marijuana is likely coming to Louisiana in the very near future. The legislation that would make an MMJ program possible in the bayou passed at in the State Senate with a landslide vote of 30-6. That land slid the bill all the way over to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proverbial desk. Since the governor has already publicly said he would sign the bill if and when it got to him, it would seem that it’s more-or-less sown up and all there is left to do in the acquiring of Louisiana medical weed is to play the waiting game.

That and wonder why their bill, if it is so popular with local lawmakers, is so overly peculiar and cautious. It only allows for the establishment of ten dispensaries in the entire state and for doctors to recommend cannabis for patients suffering from one of three conditions (glaucoma, spastic quadriplegia, sickness caused by chemotherapy treatment).

But it also has a backdoor escape route known as a “sunset clause.” This grocery store paperback book title of a legal stipulation says that the bill, if it is passed, has to get puff-puff-re-passed in five years if it is to remain law. The idea is that this prevents lawmakers from getting locked into anything. So maybe the question isn’t, why are all these people voting on such a weird law? It could be that the bill’s very weirdness and lack of conviction may have made it an easier sell to Louisiana’s lawmakers.

What the so-and-sos at The National Marijuana News have speculated, based on this information, is that this sort of clause might possibly entice more wish-washy flip-floppy lawmakers who kind of, sort of want medical marijuana to say, “yeah… sure… it’s only five years.” And The Sunset Clause could get some grocery store novel sequels in other states like The Sunset Clause: Meredith’s Dream, The Sunset Clause: Out of the Clausette, and The Sunset Clause: Sunrise.

Parker Winship