Though state-licensed growers are decreasingly worried about D.E.A. persecution, many businesses are still falling victim to the contradictory cannabis laws found in municipalities, counties, states, and the federal government. Members of Washington State’s Snohomish County Council voted to ban marijuana cultivation in rural areas, putting over thirty licensed growers out of business.

The county had allowed those with state licenses to set up their operations in areas designated as R5 zones (meaning only one house is allowed for every 5 acres of land). But following complaints from residents, a ban on all businesses without an additional county permit was put into place last fall.

Now 36 growers who have lost their operations are preparing to sue the county for damages, according to KING5 News in Washington.

“They just led us down the garden path,” said T.J. Worth, one of the growers affected by the ban. Worth holds a license from the state, but did not get one from Snohomish County before the ban went into action. Now his large scale five-acre operation, which he’s invested thousands of dollars in, is going to seed.

According to a representative for the growers who are seeking legal action, over a hundred operations had plans to set up shop in the county’s R-5 zone. 35 businesses received licenses from the state, but only six also attained the county permit now required to grow marijuana in the area.


Photo Courtesy of Laurel Street Spy