A student busted with what would be felony possession in the U.S. has gotten off light, but given an unusual punishment: dude has to write an essay about it.

In Zambia on Monday university student, Chikwanda Chisendale was arrested with over two pounds of cannabis-infused cakes, according to the BBC. Apparently the wheels of justice can turn quickly there because Chisendale has already been convicted.

Chisendale will serve a two year suspended sentence and write a 50 page essay on drug use by November 15. Who would want to read a 50 page essay by a stoner college kid? I’m sure I don’t know. Maybe the judge helped himself to some of the seized edible cakes.

In addition, the 21 year-old was mandated to write an apology letter to his school, to his parents, and to Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission (DEF).

Chisendale’s crime is part of a trend in Zambia. The DEF announced that it has “intensified efforts to nab individuals” baking weed-filled cakes.

The agency has also issued a warning to universities “be alert in view of the trend of cakes and scones laced with cannabis being trafficked among students.”Wow. There are scone traffickers!