Along with basically every other consumer goods, vape pens and other cannabis vaporization are likely to see significant production delays due to the spread of COVID-19.

Market Watchnotes that the vast majority of vape hardware is manufactured in China, the country which has been hit hardest so far by the coronavirus.

The outbreak enhances issues already facing the cannabis industry. Winter is generally a slow period for manufacturing in China, particularly around Chinese New Year in February. However, market analysts are saying that the spread of the deadly illness has caused this period to be extended considerably.

The delay will be “frustrating” and “disruptive,” delaying production by weeks or months, says KushCo Holdings Inc.’s Chief Executive Nick Kovacevich. “The reason it’s taking a long time is the workers couldn’t get back to their factories to restart production,” he told Market Watch.

The manufacturing problem could also affect the cannabis industry in Canada, where some suppliers are already struggling to keep up with demand.

Brendan Kennedy, CEO at leading cannabis company Tilray Inc., says his company “shipped product to Alberta that sold out in six days and we will continue to ramp supply as demand ramps.”

Kennedy also noted that Tilray “can find sources that supply most of our core products in Canada and internationally,” except that is for vape hardware from China.

Photo via Flickr/WeedPornDaily