A man from El Paso, Texas has been arrested. Reports say that he was arrested for selling marijuana on Craigslist, according to KFOX TV. Reports first surfaced in November, when the El Paso County Sheriff received information that someone was selling marijuana on the website to other users. The sheriff also received an attachment as proof, a screen shot of the post with the headline “Top Level Kush on Deck”. The image also showed a green, leaf like substance that was later identified as marijuana.

The Sheriff caught the man quite easily, as the post also included a range of prices and a telephone number of which he could be contacted. Instead of using this approach, BCI detectives proceeded to purchase marijuana and Xanax pills from the man, which could then be used later in evidence. The man, later identified as Matthew Alarcon, was later arrested.

The charges were distribution of marijuana for money. Further charges also include the delivery of a controlled substance (the Xanax) and just for plain old possession of marijuana.

There have been no further reports as of yet, and it will be some time before we know if Matthew Alarcon is going to receive jail time for his actions.