Cannabis freedom isn’t just sweeping the free world. There’s big legalization action happening across the pond too. Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic all permit some level of weed sippage, and even the prim and proper fellows in the UK are warming up to the idea. So, Croatia looked around thought they might as well get in on the party.

The Eastern European country officially legalized cannabis for medical use nationwide on Thursday, according to Channel News Asia. A frenzy of campaigning and political awareness for medical marijuana patients after the headline-making arrest last year of a man suffering from multiple sclerosis for cultivating marijuana.

A public outcry continued for a year and, because apparently Croatian law can conform to its citizens’ values a lot faster than American law can, only a year later – boom, they got some legal medical marijuana.

THC can now be prescribed by doctors in the country for health problems related to MS, epilepsy, cancer or AIDS. No news report we encountered makes any mention of CBD, but maybe that’s implied. The maximum amount of cannabis a patient can be issued in a month is only 7.5 g, just over a quarter ounce.

That’s not all that much, especially considering that the original MS-sufferer martyr, the one who became a rally cry for Croatian patients everywhere was arrested with 44 pounds of marijuana, which he claimed to be for personal use pertaining to his condition. If this guy is going legal, his intake is going to drop by more than 40,000%. Hope he knows how to scrape resin.