The world of hash is approaching its singularity. Whereas the singularity of artificial intelligence will destroy your world from the outside, by oppressing us humans with a dystopian future reminiscent of either The Terminator or The Matrix, the hash singularity will melt your world from the inside as your brain is transformed by its first pure hit of THC.

We aren’t quite there yet. No extract (that we’re aware of) has ever touched that 100 percent THC ring, but Guild Extracts has gotten awful close with its 99.997 percent THCA extract Crystalline. The extract, which gets its name from its appearance (clear white crystals) has been on the market since early this year and goes for upwards of $120 a gram in Southern California dispensaries.

THCA isn’t THC, but it’s the next best thing. What’s the difference? For one thing, the “A”. For another, THCA isn’t psychoactive, but luckily for those of you out there who like to get high every now and then, it does turn into THC. That can happen when cannabis flowers dry out, but it can also occur when you vaporize THCA, according to the Guild Extracts website. THCA also has its own medical benefits, different from THC, which can be enjoyed by simply eating the extract instead of smoking it.

A few questions remain about this hash of the gods. For one thing, if THCA makes up 99.997 percent of it, what’s in the other 0.003 percent? HashbarTV asked a Guild representative that same question at this year’s U.S. Cannabis Cup and got what was either a non-answer or just a dabbed out reply. “It’s so low that we don’t test for it,” the rep said. “It could be many things. It’s… it’s… it’s really hard to tell.”

Hashbar asked another really good question, ““How are you doing it?” And they got another evasive answer. “That’s the million-dollar question.” But theories abound. Guild Extracts’ recipe for Crystalline is currently patent-pending, and one ICMag user posted the process they said came straight from the patent, a four-part process involving acidified extraction.

Whatever the method, Crystalline does you well. It even comes with custom flavors. Since the hash has been stripped of all terpenes, Guild adds them back into the recipe with a dropper in a promotional effort called the “dip n dab” performed at cannabis conventions. Cool, though a recent study warns against the health effects of added terpenes.